Cupping Treatment
Traditional Chinese Medicine


 Form of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

 Acupuncture treatments are designed for different health issues:  

 - pain reduction,

 - stress and anxiety management,

 - fertility conditions (male and female),

 - ovulation disorders,

 - menstrual issues,

 - IVF/IUI support,

 - pregnancy support,

 - sleeping issues,

 - allergy,

 - increase energy levels,

 - improve function of gastrointestinal system,

 - overall health and well-being.


 Initial Consultation and Treatment- $150

 Follow up Treatment- $120 


Home visits Acupuncture Treatments 

 Please contact for more information. 

 Starts from $300



  We customize our massage treatments according to your specific needs.  It may include techniques from Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue, Thai, Tui Na and Reflexology​.


 Massage helps to alleviate back pain and improves range of motion, enhances immunity by stimulating lymph flow, improves athletic performance and recovery from strenuous workouts.

 Massage increases joint flexibility, decreases depression and anxiety levels. It promotes tissue regeneration, helps to reduce post-surgery adhesion and swelling.

 It aids in spasms and cramps reduction, increases releasing of endorphin which acts as natural painkiller and relieve migraine pain.  


 60 Minutes Session- $120

 90 Minutes Session- $150

 Prenatal Massage


 Reduces back and joint pain, helps with muscle tension and headaches, minimize stress and anxiety, reduce sciatic nerve pain and improve sleep during pregnancy.

 Massage therapist will arrange the table for prenatal massage in a special manner and  woman will lay on her sides with pillows set up according to the stage of pregnancy. 

 Please contact your primary care physician before massage session. 


 Prenatal Massage 90 minutes- $150


 Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture 


 Beauty from inside out.

 Acupuncture facial rejuvenation treatments help to eliminate fine lines and diminished deeper wrinkles. Bags under the eyes can be reduced, jowls firmed, droopy eyelids improve appearance, puffiness and double chin minimized. 

 Skin will become more moisturized due to increased local circulation of blood and lymph to the face. 

 Acupuncture helps to increase collagen production, muscle tone and tighten the pores. 

 Treatments improve hormonal balance to help acne and reduce stress evident in the face. 

 We can show you how to do facial self-massage and/or Acupressure and will give recommendation about herbal and nutritional supplementation along with healthy diet/ life style modification based on understanding of  Traditional Chinese Medicine to reach and keep better result from treatment.


 Treatment includes facial wash, facial acupuncture, body acupuncture, facial massage or/and Gua Sha.

 Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture- $150



 Type of Treatment Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine.

 Cupping is used to relieve body aches and pain, improves blood and Qi (AKA vital energy) circulation, and for problems with respiratory and digestive systems. 

 Cupping can be a part of our acupuncture or massage session or you can request it as a separate service.  


 Cupping treatment (30 minutes)- $80

 Herbal Medicine 


 Chinese Herbal Medicine for Health and Wellness.

 Herbal supplementation for sale in different forms (tea pills, granules and topical).  

 All herbal products have FDA certification and meet US/FDA quality control and manufacture standards.


 Cost will depend on individual formulation.

 Body Care Products

 Visit our shop to buy special tools and herbal products for facial and body care.

 Gift Certificates 

 For custom amount, please, contact us directly. 

 Our Gift Certificates have one year expiration date.