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Postpartum Recovery Journey  

  Who needs postpartum recovery?

  Everyone who just gave birth and who had a miscarriage or abortion either wanted or unwanted.

  Why is it important?

  During pregnancy our body undergoes substantial transformations and labor process itself drains a lot of energy. This is why it is called “labor” and not a “vacation”. After all of these strenuous work we need to rebuild, restore and rejuvenate our body. Postpartum period is one of the “Golden opportunities” for women to greatly tonify, balance and even change their constitution. 

  Postpartum recovery is time for you and your body to rejuvenate and become healthier, stronger and younger. It helps to prevent or treat already existed postpartum anxiety and depression and return you to pre-pregnancy shape (body, spirit and mind). 

  Miscarriage and abortion (wanted or unwanted) is time to support and heal your body, spirit and mind. I would say it requires an even greater amount of effort and attention that you would spend to recover after childbirth. It can be more traumatic than giving birth since it is an interrupted process and may be more damaging for a human body along with psycho emotional pain. 

  Basically, you need postpartum recovery if you’d like to avoid unwanted events such as hair loss, early aging, dry itchy skin, lack or poor production of breast milk, emotional and psychological issues (anxiety, depression, irritability). As well as balance hormone levels, body weight and prevent future problems such as organ prolapse, low or lack of libido, urinary incontinence and back pain. 


  What does this program include?

  • Completion of personal dietary plan depending on stage of postpartum period 

  • Herbal consultation and prescription of herbal formulas. Herbal supplements will be created according to your individual diagnosis and presentation. 

  • Recommendations for lifestyle, food choices, exercise and lactation according to Traditional Chinese medicine and my own experience. 

  • Support and guidance through emails and three re-evaluation sessions (video calls or office visits) during 40 days from the beginning of the program or from date of childbirth. 


  When should I get this program?

  Think about getting the program before you give birth, you will have more time to get prepared with a food plan and create the right environment for yourself and your baby. In this case - the earlier, the better!

But it is never too late to take care of yourself. Even if you are a few months after childbirth , miscarriage or abortion you can contact us and we will design a special recovery program personally for you. 


  First consultation:


  Contact us for scheduling the time of your treatment we will send to you a paperwork and invoice through PayPal system.

  After completing everything we will set up your initial video or office consultation which may take up to 60 minutes.


  Re-evaluation sessions:

  You will be able to do 3 follow up sessions (video calls or at the office). We will discuss changes and review your symptoms. Dietary and lifestyle changes may apply along with herbal formulation.


  Dietary and lifestyle recommendations:

  Creation of your personalized dietary and lifestyle plan may take up to 48 hours.


  Herbal prescription:

  Prescriptions will be made and sent to Kamwo (herbal pharmacy on 211 Grand Street, New York) during 24 hours.      You can pick it up yourself or request shipping for your convenience.

  Herbal supplements are not included in the program’s price. Price will varies and depends on the exact formula and herbal contents. 


  How much does it cost?


  Postpartum recovery journey includes 4 sessions (initial and 3 follow up), completion of personal dietary and lifestyle plan, prescription of herbal supplements and guidance during 40 days from the start of the program.


  What if I need further guidance?

Additional consultation session (video calls or on-site) cost will be $120.

  Call or email us in order to schedule your appointment.



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