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Rose quartz roller and Gua Sha tool 
Rose quartz stone has feminine energy and stimulates Heart chakra.
It associates with the element of water and helps to wash out toxic energies and emotions that can be trapped inside of you.
Rose quartz promotes self- love and acceptance.
To increase the properties and benefits for skin keep tools in refrigerator.
Both tools increase Qi and Blood circulation to the surface of the skin, relieve jaw tension and reduce puffiness by increasing lymph flow.

Attention: Colors of natural stone can vary!

Set: one Rose Quartz roller and one gua sha tool.

Set "Rose Quartz Roller and Gua Sha tool"

Material: Rose Quartz
  • The sizes are approximate and may vary by about 1/8 of an inch



    5 7/8 inches long

    2 3/8 inches wide

    Bigger roller is 3/4" thick


    Gua sha tool

    3 1/4 inch long

    2 inches wide

    1/4 inch thick

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